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Education Partnership Program

Providing the highest quality cardiovascular care to our patients is central to the mission of the Missouri ACC.  We endeavor to fulfill this mission through a robust annual state scientific session each October.  

We are excited to offer the opportunity to further our chapter mission by supporting quality education for medical professionals across Missouri at the local level.   

The Missouri ACC provides partnership opportunities to institutions and organizations in Missouri who provide quality medical education programs.  We will provide these partnerships at two levels: (1) a “Simple Partnership” which provides name support and advertising without financial support; and (2) a “Grant-in-Aid Partnership” which also provides $1,500 in financial support.  Note: the Missouri ACC will not actually be providing the educational content.  Rather, we will be offering our name as support and, in the case of “Grant-in-Aid Partnership”, additional information on Missouri ACC/ACC activities.  The attached application explains the opportunities that each of these levels offer in greater detail.  

Support of these programs helps promote the educational mission of the Chapter and College, improves name recognition, and encourages community engagement throughout the state.  We encourage you to work with colleagues within your practice, hospital, health care system and community to apply.  

While there are no specific requirements for educational content, these meetings must be educational and provide continuing education credit.  All applications will be reviewed by the Missouri ACC Partnership Task Force.

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Upcoming Programs:

Washington University School of Medicine
Congestive Heart Failure Update
May 13, 2023
7:55am - 12:30pm



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